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Manan Agarwal

Manan Agarwal


I am Manan Agarwal, a 22 year old based out of Bangalore, India.

I work as a Product Manager at Razorpay in the RazorpayX Payroll team.

I have previously worked as a PM Intern at Bounce and a Growth/Founder's Office Intern at SpringWorks.

At college, I used to lead the Business and Public Relations team at Manipal’s largest media organization, Manipal The Talk Network. Prior to that was scaling the management vertical while building a cool Mars Rover at Mars Rover Manipal

I spend my time reading, writing and tweeting. When I am not doing the above, I can be found playing Valorant, exploring No-Code or reading Spy fiction.

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InternFinder is a twitter bot built on Node.js that helps people find internships off Twitter. InternFinder was launched on ProductHunt and hit 100+ upvotes within 24 hours. It reached 7500 followers (and counting ) on Twitter within 1 year 6 months of launch. It averages anywhere between 50-80k profile visits a month today and has helped numerous folks get internships.

An effort to collate and publish all the knowledge, tools and resources which can help you enter and grow in the field of Product Management.