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Manan Agarwal

Manan Agarwal


I am Manan - A third year mechatronics engineering undergrad at MIT Manipal.

I have previously worked as a PM Intern at Bounce and a Growth Intern at SpringWorks.

At college, I lead the Business and Public Relations team at Manipal’s largest media organization, Manipal The Talk Network.

I spend my time reading, writing and tweeting.

When I am not doing the above, I can be found playing Call of Duty or finding new excel shortcuts.

Latest Posts

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InternFinder is a twitter bot built on Node.js that helps people find internships off Twitter. InternFinder was launched on ProductHunt and hit 100+ upvotes within 24 hours. It reached 500 followers (and counting ) on Twitter within a month of launch.

An effort to collate and publish all the knowledge, tools and resources which can help you enter and grow in the field of Product Management.