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Manan Agarwal



I am Manan Agarwal. Here's a bit about me and what I have done over the years. I am currently in my third year of engineering, majoring in Mechatronics( Robotics and automation).

Having been intrigued by the Indian startup ecosystem ever since my first year, I decided to dive right into the action. I interned at SpringWorks in a growth role to kick things off and learnt a lot on what it means to be a part of a high growth startup, how business metrics are defined, how products are shipped. Even built this.

Read about product management following the SpringWorks stint and wanted to experience how Product teams run, so interned as a PM intern with Bounce. At Bounce learnt how product teams meet business goals, scaled a project from zero to one that had an impact on the top line in a considerable way.

If you have read this till here, maybe you can will enjoy interacting with me more on Twitter or connect with me on Linkedin.