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Manan Agarwal

PM Internship at Bounce - Learnings and the Experience

Internship, Product Intern, Bounce3 min read

I recently finished a Product Management Internship at Bounce and decided to write about it. If you're a college student, you'd find some value here.

Bounce is a Series D (having raised ~$200M from Sequoia, Accel, etc.) mobility company valued at half a billion dollars and is among the fastest mobility companies in India to scale to 1L+ rides/day within 18 months of launch.

Advice to aspiring interns (first-time interns and fresh undergraduates)

  1. If you’re interning in a product team, the art of prioritization is essential. Time is limited, don’t be afraid to ask for help
  2. Reach out to people outside your team, even if it is for 15 mins, try to talk to stakeholders in the company, you will find a lot of insight there.
  3. Most of the time while hiring interns, it is more about how well you fit into the team as compared to how skilled you are; if you’re able to convince your recruiter that you will be a good fit and can add some value, it is not tough to land an internship.
  4. Try to document your learnings weekly for future reference.

Getting hired (Application Process, Interview Experience)

I was in early talks for a summer internship with a VC firm in late Feb - March, but due to the lockdown, things couldn’t move forward on that front. During the initial days of the lockdown, I read a lot of product blogs and, at the same time, was also debating about whether or not I really should do a remote internship.

I firmly believe that an internship especially at such an early stage of one’s career gives access to a different network as well as a lot of exposure outside the team. This was something I thought would be tough to replicate online, especially as an intern.

I had been following Sid Puri(my manager at Bounce) on Twitter for quite some time, and when he tweeted that Bounce was looking for PM interns, I decided to have a chat.

The process was relatively simple. It was an intro call-assignment-a followup call. The introduction call was a 15 min call, it was about what I was doing, what I had done, and why I wanted to get into a Product role at Bounce This was followed by an assignment where I was asked to design a self-pickup from restaurant model for Swiggy. I wrote a PRD for the same.

After I emailed the assignment, I got a call from Sid, where he told me about the project I would be working on. I was also asked if I were to sell bikes in Manipal, how would I go about it and a couple of other things, following which I had the role.

The internship experience (Day in the life as an intern, learnings)

Joining a shared mobility company during a pandemic was an exciting experience because you get to see how these companies think beyond the usual.

I was primarily working in the Fleet Monetization team. Bounce essentially has over 25k petrol bikes across cities in India and slowly wants to transition to an all-electric fleet for various reasons, primarily because of asset safety and unit economics. For this move, the company had decided to sell the existing petrol bikes, and the primary aim of the product team here was to enable 3x sales using all product levers.

I worked on various products, the app, the website but primarily owned the Whatsapp Bot. When I joined, the Whatsapp Bot was not a big top of the funnel source for leads or final conversions, but by the time I wrapped up my internship, the Whatsapp Bot, was generating over 150 sales leads a day and around 5 sales a day.

I also did a lot of internal tooling, CRM management, geospatial analysis, UX research during my time at Bounce.

A typical day would start at 11 am and finish by 8-8:30 pm, with breaks for my college classes in between; the company was very flexible with timings and adjusted to my college schedule.

If I had to document my learnings, I’d say that because of the high degree of ownership that I got on whatever I did at Bounce, there was learning everywhere. All problems statements and challenges that I solved were figured out by me— by myself— and though doing this remotely was challenging, it was an excellent learning experience. I was asked to run meetings as well as used to present the weekly metrics from the project to the VP Consumer Products. I learnt how product teams are run, how the product needs to meet business goals, and how product teams liaison with engineering and UX research teams.


Since this was a WFH Internship, I built a small home setup